westward ho, son, westward ho

“I know people say life goes on, and it does, and no one tells you that’s not a good thing. Why is that?”

I’ve been mainlining Masters of Sex (more on that later, I’m sure) and thinking about how Libby is something of a sweeter, more approachable Betty but oh, this post does make me remember that very particular, chilly brand of ennui that made my heart ache for Betty (or despite Betty?) in the early seasons.


"My thoughts on Max by the way — and I spend every day with him, for over ten hours a day — he’s truly the dumbest boy I’ve ever been around." - Jake Johnson

These two giving each other shit fills me with so much delight.

How did I live my life before you two?



i hate the internet

this is terrific.


I need this on my blog for reasons.

Fancy-fix hobo handyman Nick Miller is one of my very top favorite Nick Miller iterations.

Everything I never knew I’ve always wanted.

starships final from bironic on Vimeo.

Reblogging for peppahwood and ghostcat3000 and any other poor soul who may not have seen this yet.







One of the best fanvids I’ve ever seen.

And when she says ‘one of the best […] EVER’ (emphasis mine), lemme tell ya: it’s really, really true.


hey you there

following me


stop what you’re doing

and watch

oh my god

my life

my entire fucking life

someone understands

Forever reblog.  One of my favorite things on the internet, ever.

Deepest truth this show’s ever dropped.

"Ted Mosby’s wife played bass. Until he LEFT HER FOR ROBIN. That’s how I choose to see it. Even if she was dead."

annakovsky has had some drinks and it is delightful
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Nick Miller, decider

Chubby delicate flower, surrounded by Slytherins.

Things that have happened lately:

Read an entire 120,000 word fanfic about Spock having agoraphobia b/c the plot summary sounded like a kdrama I’ve seen typicrobots talk about no regrets.

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"It’s like queerbaiting for hets."

annakovsky, on Mindy & BJ
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Your secret is safe with me. And to even it out I’m going to tell you all of my secrets.

Wait a sec… Has anyone ever seen Andy Dwyer and Nick Miller in the same room?


I like a nice IPA…I drink a lot, so I like a lot of drinks. There’s a drink you want to start the day with, there’s a mid-afternoon drink, there’s an early evening drink, there’s an evening, there’s a late night…

In case you guys were wondering if it’s a good idea to sit on a patio on a sunny evening with ghostcat3000 and peppahwood and drink beer and talk about All the Things: I can confirm that it really really is.

That about sums it up. All I can think about are the people in Ferguson: angry and brave.